North Holland

Ibiza, zon en zonde

Crime film about a journalist who gets involved with drugs smugglers on the hedonistic island of Ibiza.

In the early 1960s Ibiza became a favourite destination among Dutch artists and writers. The sunny Spanish island could not have been more of a contrast to the sombre post-war dreariness of the Netherlands and proved an inspiration to people like writers Jan Cremer, Cees Nooteboom, Harry Mulisch and photographer Cas Oorthuys.

De trekschuit

Poetic feature about the last Dutch horse-drawn barge making a journey through the landscape of Holland with its mills and canals. A man is leading the horse along the tow-path.


When Dora, the eldest daughter of a blind, widowed and orthodox Jew, falls in love with a doctor who is a Christian, she is disowned by her father and driven out of the house.