De wigwam

When a farmer and his wife come home from the station, they give their children the presents they have brought with them from town. The homecoming is disturbed by an Indian boy who comes begging. He is chastised and chased away by the farmer. In revenge for this, the boy's father, the bad Indian Black Eagle, kidnaps the farmer's youngest daughter. Hearing of this, the good Indian Burning Shaft goes in pursuit, shoots and scalps the kidnapper and brings the little girl back to her family.

Negende katholiekendag te Nijmegen 23 september 1917

Reportage about the ninth ‘Catholic Day’ in Nijmegen.

This reportage opens with urban images of Nijmegen, including shots of the park Het Valkhof, the St. Stevens Church, and the Waag. These images are followed by the celebration of the ninth ‘Catholic Day’ on September 23, 1917, with shots of people departing from the Roman Catholic church, the procession of various associations to the Monseigneur Hamer monument, and the speech given by Mr. N.H.M. Franken to a large crowd. Wreaths and flowers are placed by the monument. A number of Catholic dignitaries then leave by car or coach.