De vliegende Hollander

Biopic about the pioneer years of airplane builder Anthony Fokker.

After a fight with his teacher, headstrong Anthony Fokker refuses to go back to his old school in Haarlem. He goes to a technical college in Mainz instead where he talks his teachers into including airplane design in the curriculum. Fokker is soon building a prototype of his 'Spider' plane.


Rufus forms a threat to the syndicate which rules the gambling world. It makes life difficult for him.

Een vreemde vogel

First and only feature length film directed by lyricist Lennaert Nijgh in which a young man tries to come to terms with his father’s wartime past.

A student has written a play for his school’s annual theatre performance. When it turns out that the boy has exposed his father’s dubious behaviour during the war, the question that has to be asked is: should the play be staged or not?

Als twee druppels water

War film based on W.F. Hermans’ De donkere kamer van Damocles, in which a young man meets his double.

Writer W.F. Hermans and director Fons Rademakers shared a fascination with people’s behaviour during the Second World War. The story explores the boundaries between good and bad in wartime.


After a thrilling match won by the Haarlem Football Club HFC, a youthful supporter listens to the tall stories told by older members of the club in the local café. That night, because of his excitement, the boy has a nightmare in which he alone has to defend the HFC goal, even against a gigantic football.

He is so successful that his club wins the match. However, the plucky young goalkeeper is then chased by a gang of angry farmers with pitchforks. They get hold of him, but then the boy is shaken awake by his father.