Leger- en vlootfilm

Propaganda Film About the Dutch Military.

Holland neutraal (Neutral Holland) is this film’s subtitle, which was meant to show that the Dutch armed forces are very much prepared to guarantee the Netherlands’ neutrality in World War One. The more than 2.5-hour film was made by Willy Mullens in 1917, when other Western European armies had become numbed after three long years in the trenches. The footage in the Army and Navy Film depicts a relatively high-spirited mood, considering how the Dutch military had mobilized but not actually participated in the war.


Unbeknownst to them, circus artists Jan and his sister Annie are wearing the stolen jewellery of the famous Jolly sisters during a performance. After a wild chase, the jewels are returned to their rightful owners. Jan and Annie pocket the reward money and Truus falls into husband Jan's arms.