Paradijs der jeugd

Dutch children’s film promoting a healthy lifestyle for Arnhem schoolchildren.

The film tells the story of Kees Brul, a street urchin in Arnhem who is in danger of going astray. The reason is that he’s lacking a healthy living environment with nature, space and light.

The film was commissioned by the Koninklijke Nederlandse Gymnastiek Verbonden (Royal Dutch Gymnastics Unions) and the Nederlandse Unie van Speeltuinorganisaties (Dutch Union of playground organizations and was made by Studio S in Ermelo.

Herwinnen door werken

Herwinnen door werken, subtitled How we saw Netherlands - is a filmed colour portrait of Netherlands just after the Second World War. Immediately after the liberation of Deventer in April 1945, Alex Roosdorp and his wife Marie Roosdorp-van den Berg began filming of the devastation around them: wrecked towns, destroyed infrastructure and floodplains.

Van Arnhem tot Barneveld

Documentary about the region between Arnhem and Barneveld. 
The region between Arnhem and Barneveld, the western Veluwe, is portrayed in all its rural beauty. We see shots of a flock of sheep on the heath, the rest home of the of the B.V.N.O. in Lunteren, and Barneveld with its statue of Jan van Schaffelaar. We also see a beekeeper at work, and of course the chicken and egg market.