Help, de dokter verzuipt

The bestseller on which this comedy was based provided director Nikolai van der Heyde with plenty of picturesque atmosphere as the basis of a sparkling village adventure, set in the late 1920s.

Everyday life proceeds in its lazy rhythm around the leading figure, a country doctor. When he falls hopelessly in love with the frail young school mistress, he realises how inexperienced he is in this field. It seems the course of true love will not run smooth for him, but he is aided and abetted by the village's pastor, who has little authority but plenty of good spirits.

Moutarde van Sonaansee

Comedy by and with comedian Toon Hermans about head-in-the-clouds Mister Moutarde who lives in the village of Sun-at-sea.

In a series of funny scenes, Hermans tells the story of Mister Moutarde whose house is threatened by the owners of the Knik Knak sausage factory who want to tear it down and build a sausage factory in its place. Fortunately, the other villagers, including a French wine seller, the village priest and Mister Moutarde’s new love Helen, an English biologist, want to help him.

Spuit elf

Comedy about a village idiot who becomes an enthusiastic fireman.

When fire breaks out, Draes, the village idiot, knows what to do. He turns a chicken coop into a watchtower and even manages to cobble together a fire extinguisher. He is on guard day and night and the villagers are laughing at him behind his back. Then a pyromaniac embarks on a series of fires and at last Draes can show the village what is he is worth.


Documentary about the city of Franeker.

After a brief historical introduction, the film shows the main streets, canals, and buildings of Franeker, including the beautiful town hall built in 1591. Also explored in detail is the accident that befell Prince Johan Maurits of Orange in 1665 when he visited Franeker: he fell into the water, and only barely managed to be saved. Of note in the film are the sparsely populated streets – in contrast to the crowds seen in some of the other 'city films’.