Een vreemde vogel

First and only feature length film directed by lyricist Lennaert Nijgh in which a young man tries to come to terms with his father’s wartime past.

A student has written a play for his school’s annual theatre performance. When it turns out that the boy has exposed his father’s dubious behaviour during the war, the question that has to be asked is: should the play be staged or not?

Naar 't Tolhuis

The main characters of the revue, Roland and Camilla, rush to catch the ferry across the IJ to reach the Tollhouse. When this film was screened, the song ‘Kom Kamilleke, kom’ was sung.

A Helping Hand

A poor old fiddler playing his violin in a restaurant is about to be turned out when a diner - himself a famous music-hall artiste - causes him to remain as his guest. The diner tells the manager of the restaurant that, in order to help the old man, he will give a performance of his music-hall act. He then appears in his stage make-up. After a space has been cleared for him, he gives an exceedingly clever acrobatic performance in which he builds a tower with tables, chairs and boxes, up which he climbs, wobbling and floundering.


Compilation film about Heerenveen.

Compilation of a few short items about the city of Heerenveen. The items were probably assembled in subsequent years by a distributor or exhibitor. We see:

• Footage of the carnival in Heerenveen. Much attention is paid to the assembled audience, who at the end of the item are invited to visit the Witte Bioscoop in Heerenveen. This film was presumably produced by this cinema. Local films like this one were often produced during the early years of film.

• Harness races in Heerenveen, and the horse market in Oudeschoot on Whit Monday.

Wat eeuwig blijft (1920)

Romantic drama about a young woman who leaves her reliable fiancé for a dancer. Dolores gets a marriage proposal from Lucas, an ambitious young doctor, but on the day of her wedding she lets him down to elope with the South American dancer and adventurer Hugo Amadis.