music bands


Comedy about two competing brass bands in the village of Lagerwiede.

Bert Haanstra’s directorial debut, based on a screenplay Haanstra co-wrote with Jan Blokker. The film drew two and a half million people to the cinema and remains one of the most popular Dutch films. The village of Giethoorn still reaps the profits from having served as the film’s scenic backdrop.

Vijfhonderd jaar St. Antoniusgilde

Reportage about the celebrations for the St. Anthony's Guild in Beek en Donk.

In 1520, for the Saint Anthony Abbot, an altar was dedicated in the St. Martin church in Beek en Donk. It had long been assumed that 1520 was also when the St. Anthony’s Guild had been established. But recent research has shown that a guild already existed in 1490. But because the inhabitants of Beek en Donk in 1920 still believed that the guild dated from 1520, the event was widely commemorated. The film shows the historical pageant, and flags are waved.

Vacantie kinderfeest

Report about the holiday party for Groningen schoolchildren, held on the moors near Rolde, on July 19 1923.

Accompanied by a band, a group of Groningen schoolchildren head for the train station, and then travel to Rolde in Drenthe, where they will spend the day on the moor. In Drenthe, the children play in the sand, and act out a boxing match between the champions Battling Siki and Georges Carpentier. At the end of the day, everyone returns contentedly to Groningen.


Documentary about UrkDocumentary about the people of Urk, consisting mainly of shots of women, men, and children in traditional costume, posing for the camera. The film was probably shot on a public holiday. We see several women doing their daily work: hanging the laundry, and fetching water from the pump. A postman comes along with the letters.