Documentary about UrkDocumentary about the people of Urk, consisting mainly of shots of women, men, and children in traditional costume, posing for the camera. The film was probably shot on a public holiday. We see several women doing their daily work: hanging the laundry, and fetching water from the pump. A postman comes along with the letters.

Op hoop van zegen

The ship-owner Bos has become a rich man whose conscience is not troubled by his knowingly sending out unseaworthy fishing boats. Kniertje, a widow who has lost her husband and two sons at sea, works for Bos as charwoman and is kindly treated by his daughter Clementine. Kniertje lives with her two remaining sons, Geert and Barend, and her niece Jo, who is engaged to Geert. Geert is in the navy and Barend does whatever work he can find. During a dance evening in the local café, Geert fights with his superior officer who has insulted Jo, and for this he is sent to gaol.