promotional film

In eigen handen

Propaganda feature film commissioned by the Algemeene Nederlandsche Zuivelbond (the Duch dairy association).

A farmer and his son cannot agree on whether or not they should join a dairy cooperative. The farmer’s earlier experiences make him sceptical and when his son falls in love with the daughter of the cooperative’s foreman, they fall out. In the end the old farmer gives in. The son joins the cooperative. His father’s conclusion is that it’s his son’s turn now and he should do what he thinks is best.

Van Arnhem tot Barneveld

Documentary about the region between Arnhem and Barneveld. 
The region between Arnhem and Barneveld, the western Veluwe, is portrayed in all its rural beauty. We see shots of a flock of sheep on the heath, the rest home of the of the B.V.N.O. in Lunteren, and Barneveld with its statue of Jan van Schaffelaar. We also see a beekeeper at work, and of course the chicken and egg market.

NV Wessanen's koninklijke fabrieken Wormerveer

Corporate film for the “NV Wessanen's Koninklijke Fabrieken” factories in Wormerveer.

Minute-long shots of the factory grounds and the surroundings. We see the production process of 'de bekende murwe lijnkoeken W. L. en Ster halfzachte lijnkoeken" (“the famous soft oil cakes W.L. and Ster semi-soft oil cakes”).
At the end, we see a parade of the whole range of products, including the “Ster linum flour” (“very kneadable”), “soya cakes”, “groundnut cakes” and “coconut cakes”.

Een oud keizerrijk

Documentary about the town of Amerongen.

‘Amerongen: a previously unknown Dutch village, but since 1919 ... a famous royal resort’. With this text, filmmaker Willy Mullens begins this short promotional film, which was made for the municipality of Amerongen. The film begins like a typical ‘city film’, including the panoramic opening shot of Amerongen and its surroundings, but half-way through begin to focus on Amerongen’s most famous resident: Wilhelm II, the former Emperor of Germany.