music film

Een koninkrijk voor een huis!

Comedy about the post-war housing shortage.

Een koninkrijk voor een huis! is based on the Amsterdam city council’s decision to requisition rooms to house homeless people. Heintje Blom, a simple working woman, is told to move into a villa in a posh part of town. The inhabitants are none too pleased but in spite of the class division, a romance blossoms between the rich family’s son and Heintje’s daughter. The two families warm to each other in the end and the happy pair is united in wedded bliss.


Comedy about two competing brass bands in the village of Lagerwiede.

Bert Haanstra’s directorial debut, based on a screenplay Haanstra co-wrote with Jan Blokker. The film drew two and a half million people to the cinema and remains one of the most popular Dutch films. The village of Giethoorn still reaps the profits from having served as the film’s scenic backdrop.