Wim Lindner

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Wim Lindner is a Dutch producer and director. He started his film career as an extra in a number of foreign films. After that he signed up for the newly established Netherlands Film Academy and worked as a production manager on a number of Dutch films and several films that were shot in the Netherlands.

In 1973 he produced Op de Hollandse toer with Wim Sonneveld for City-Film and in 1977 he directed the Dutch-French co-production Bloedverwanten. Lindner was also active on other fronts in the Dutch film and cultural world. For example, he was a member of the Arts Council (Raad van de Kunst), secretary of the NBF and adjunct director of the Netherlands Film Academy, where he also taught.


  1. 1961
    Set assistant
  2. 1962
    Assistant production manager
  3. 1962
  4. 1963
    Director's assistent
  5. 1964
    Assistant production manager
  6. 1966
    Production manager
  7. 1969
    Director's assistent
  8. 1973

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