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P. Hans Frankfurther was a Dutch producer and writer. He grew up in the Dutch East Indies as the son of a naturalised German. After the Second World War, his family moved to the Netherlands and here he studied political sciend and social science at the University of Amsterdam for several years. He left university to work in film and ended up in Marten Toonder's studio. He co-founded the student film festival Cinestud for the student association ASVA.

In the 1960s Frankfurther started up his own production company called Pan Film where, in addition to the feature films Fietsen naar de maan and Pinkeltje, he also made many short films and commissioned and advertising films. Frankenfurther was also active in politics as a member of the progressive D66 party and the founder of the 'Stripschap', an association of comic fans, and the Amsterdam Concert radio station, which broadcast classical music. Additionally, he was the editor in chief of the film magazines Cinemagia and Film and TV maker as well as being a member of the broadcast advisory committee of the Netherlands Broadcasting Foundation (NOS).

Frankfurther drowned during a holiday in Indonesia after a failed attempt to save his son, who likewise drowned.


  1. 1962

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