Nathalie Alonso Casale

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Nathalie Alonso Casale is of Spanish-French origin, and came to the Netherlands at age four. Between 1988 and 1992 she studied at the Nederlandse Film en Televisie Academie. With her short graduation film Memorias sin batallas y otros muertos, Alonso Casale won a Golden Calf for the best short film, the Pathé Tuschinski Award, and various international film prizes.

Her feature film debut, Memoria de lo desconocido, was nominated for the VPRO Tiger Awards at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. In addition to working on her own films and documentaries, Alonso Casale also works as an actress, camerawoman, editor, and scriptwriter for other directors’ productions.

In 1997, she made the experimental film SI ES TA with the Russian duo Pavel Semtchenko and Max Issaev. This marked the beginning of a number of collaborative projects.

Alonso Casale has her own production company, Titanic Productions.


  1. 1997
    Director, Editing, Script writer
  2. 1999
  3. 1999
  4. 2000

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