Lili Rademakers

Date of birth


Lili Rademakers was born in Utrecht in 1930 in Utrecht as Alma Veenman. She studied at the film academy in Rome and worked as Fellini's assistant for his jetset satire La dolce vita (1960). In Rome she met her future husband, Fons Rademakers, who was there on a scholarship to study European cinema. She directed two films: Menuet and Dagboek van een oude dwaas. The former won the critic's prize in Cannes. She made greater contributions to Fons Rademakers' films than the credits lead one to believe: she helped with choosing locations, determining camera angles and making storyboards.


  1. 1958
    Script, Continuity
  2. 1960
    Script, Director's assistent
  3. 1961
    Director's assistent
  4. 1963
    Director's assistent, Script assistant
  5. 1966
    Director's assistent
  6. 1967
    Director's assistent
  7. 1971
    Director's assistent
  8. 1973
    Director's assistent

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