Hans Kemna

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Hans Kemna is a Dutch casting director. His father was the chairman of a theatre association and Kemna frequently attended the theatre with his parents. In 1969 he had a minor part in the Dutch television series Floris. Because he often talked with Paul Verhoeven during filming about other actors, he suggested the idea that casting might be something for Kemna. Kemna had already done his first casting, though, for the feature film Obsessions by Pim de la Parra. Kemna also had roles in other films, including Wat zien ik?, Turks fruit, Het debuut and Zoeken naar Eileen.

In 1980, Hans Kemna established his agency Kemna Casting, where he was director until 1999. Thanks in part to him, casting became professionalised in the Netherlands. He was responsible for the casting for films such as Vroeger is dood, Eline Vere, Lek, Wilde mossels and Zwartboek.

On 28 September 2005, Medy van der Laan, State Secretary of Culture and Media, awarded Kemna a Golden Calf for his 'important contribution to Dutch film culture'.


  1. 1970
    Casting director
  2. 1971
    Casting director
  3. 1971
    Actor, Casting director
  4. 1972
    Casting director
  5. 1973
    Actor, Casting director
    Eric's friend
  6. 1975
    Casting director

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