Erik van Zuylen

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Erik van Zuylen directs documentaries and feature films. In 1964, after attending for eight months, he left the Netherlands Film Academy to make films. In 1965 he made his debut with the television documentary Siebe Wiemer Glastra, zondagsschilder. After that he made documentaries about the writers Maarten 't Hart, Julio Cortàzar, W.F. Hermans and the Polish-English writer Stefan Themerson. In 1977 he made the De elektriseermachine van Wimshurst, an adaptation of the eponymous story by W.F. Hermans. In 40 years, Erik van Zuylen made six feature films and many documentaries. His sixth feature film, Het mysterie van de sardine, never got off the ground as an international co-production and was finally released as a Dutch film. The relationship between image, music and dance were very often the subjects of his films.


  1. 1975
    Director, Script writer

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