A.W.G. van Riemsdijk

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The Dutch journalist and man of letters A.W.G. van Riemsdijk was the editor-in-chief of the ‘Oprechte Haarlemsche Courant’ newspaper. He was also the chamberlain in special service to Queen Wilhelmina, and travel companion of Prince Hendrik.

Van Riemsdijk wrote many romantic plays, including ‘Mea culpa’, ‘Pro Domo', 'Silvia Silombra' and 'Hoogspel'. The critics tended to review his plays negatively, but actors and audiences were very enthusiastic about his work. In particular, Louis Bouwmeester achieved great success with roles in Van Riemsdijk’s plays.

Three of Van Riemsdijk’s theatre pieces were turned into films: Filmfabriek Hollandia adapted the plays ‘Silvia Silombra' and 'De Sphinx' (as Toen ’t licht verdween), and the Amsterdam Film Cie made a film adaptation of ‘Pro Domo’. In the films Silvia Silombra and Pro Domo, the stars of the stage versions – namely Julia Cuypers and Louis Bouwmeester – played the lead roles. Van Riemsdijk also wrote the screenplay for the film Alexandra by Theo Frenkel Sr.


  1. 1913
    Script writer
  2. 1918
    Person (on screen)

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