Andras Hamelberg

Date of birth


After a course at the audio-visual department of Amsterdam’s Theaterschool, Andras Hamelberg attended the Vrije Academie in The Hague and the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam.

Hamelberg has been making films since 1976. His earliest films still clearly bore bear the stamp of the ‘Hague School’ of Frans Zwartjes. From the mid-1980s, Hamelberg began working with Frederieke Jochems, with whom he has his own production company: Franjo Filmproducties.

Hamelberg has made several of his own films, but also works as a cameraman for the films of Frederieke Jochems and for television broadcasters; for this latter work, he followed a course at NOS Santbergen.

Hamelberg also works with the Griftheater on theatrical productions that integrate film, and also does film projects with musicians.


  1. 1976
    Camera, Director, Editing, Producer
  2. 1977
    Camera, Director, Producer
  3. 1981
    Camera, Director, Editing
  4. 1983
    Camera, Composer, Director, Editing
  5. 1987
  6. 1988
  7. 1989
    Director, Producer
  8. 1990
    Camera, Editing
  9. 1992
    Camera, Director
  10. 1994
    Camera, Director, Script writer

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