A.M. van der Wel

Date of birth
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Abraham van der Wel was an art teacher from Rotterdam who became the headmaster of the newly created Gemeentelijke Schoolbioscoop in July 1920. The school was originally located in Rotterdam’s Scheepvaartkundig Museum , but later moved to its own premises in the Goudsestraat (until the building was destroyed during the bombing of Rotterdam in May 1940).

Van der Wel was also the producer and director of educational films; during his tenure as head of the school, he made about forty films. He also worked occasionally with renowned filmmakers including I.A. Ochse of Filmfabriek Polygoon.


  1. 1920
    Director, Producer
  2. 1920
    Director, Producer
  3. 1922
    Director, Producer
  4. 1922
    Director, Person (on screen)
  5. 1922
  6. 1923
    Director, Producer
  7. 1923
    Camera, Director, Producer
  8. 1923
    Director, Producer

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