Orion Filmfabriek


The Orion Filmfabriek was founded in July 1925. Its first general manager was the 20-year-old J.J.A. van der Tak, who died within a year of the company's establishment. Orion produced corporate and advertising films, and released the cinema newsreel Orion Revue.

In 1931, Orion merged with Filmfabriek Profilti to form Orion-Profilti. This company was a formidable competitor to Filmfabriek Polygoon. Just a few weeks after Polygoon released its sound newsreel, Orion-Profilti rolled out its own sound newsreel, Nederland in Klank en Beeld. Orion-Profilti also released a silent version of this newsreel, with the familiar name Orion Revue.

In November of 1932, Orion stopped the collaboration. The Orion Revue would still appear for a few months, but the Filmfabriek thereafter stopped its activities.

In 1947, Orion was deregistered from the Chamber of Commerce.


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  1. 1920
    Production company
  2. 1920
    Production company
  3. 1922
    Production company
  4. 1923
    Applicant inspection
  5. 1925
    Production company
  6. 1925
    Production company

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