Centra Film


Film distributor Centra Film was founded in Dordrecht by D.J. van Leen on October 1, 1923. Initially it was named Kino- en fotohandel D.J. van Leen, but was quickly renamed Centra Film.

In addition to renting out films, Centra Film was made several of its own productions: about a dozen short variety films, cabaret, a few advertising films for companies in Dordrecht, and occasional one-off films.

Centra Film moved to The Hague in November 1959, and remained active as a distributor until the 1970s, during its final years under the name Euro-Centra. During the 1950s and 1960s, the company grew into one of the most active distributors, especially for smaller productions and so-called B-movies for local cinemas and matinee performances.


Date of erection: 
Date of liquidation: 


  1. 1923
    Applicant inspection
  2. 1926
    Original distributor
  3. 1954
    Dutch rental
  4. 1955
    Applicant inspection, Original distributor
  5. 1966
    Applicant inspection, Dutch rental (original)
  6. 1968
    Applicant inspection, Original distributor, Dutch rental
  7. 1969
    Applicant inspection, Dutch rental (original)

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