fairy tale

Myrte and the Demons

Fairytale about a young girl plagued by demons and witches.

Myrte en de demonen is a film about the battle between good and evil. Myrte is a cheerful young girl who lives in an idyllic wood but is set upon by demons and witches. She is helped by a good spirit, two dwarves and the moon.

In the end, Myrte’s innocence triumphs over evil. The film - photographed by Bert Haanstra - features dolls and puppets and a highly dramatic soundtrack composed by Marinus Adam and recorded by the London Symphonic Orchestra.

Oom Ferdinand en de toverdrank

A magic potion which can make a person invisible plays an important part in this children’s film, full of crazy developments.

So do two naughty good-for-nothings who don’t shrink from stealing when cream cakes are within hand’s reach. There is an exciting chase by boat and car and when a pastry chef’s bakery comes into sight, the inevitable custard pie-throwing scene is, of course, bound to follow.


Guido Pieters’ first full-length feature film has the air of a fairy tale, but cruel reality continually intervenes to supplement the fantasy.

The director has tried to make a human life span the whole history, 'to project the history of mankind onto the life of one individual’. Past and present converge in the person of the old vagabond Noel, the man who cannot die. Accompanied by his dog, he wanders across the country and through many ages.