Turks fruit

A sort of Dutch take on Love Story, but without the sentimentality. Paul Verhoeven's adaptation of Jan Wolkers’ best-selling novel broke all box office records. Humour and tragedy, violence and tenderness, love and death are all taken as much for granted as in real life.

Help, de dokter verzuipt

The bestseller on which this comedy was based provided director Nikolai van der Heyde with plenty of picturesque atmosphere as the basis of a sparkling village adventure, set in the late 1920s.

Everyday life proceeds in its lazy rhythm around the leading figure, a country doctor. When he falls hopelessly in love with the frail young school mistress, he realises how inexperienced he is in this field. It seems the course of true love will not run smooth for him, but he is aided and abetted by the village's pastor, who has little authority but plenty of good spirits.