Kermis in de regen

Crime film about a petty thief who tries to get a witness to a car robbery killed.

In 1962, the celebrated actor Kees Brusse made his feature film directorial debut with Kermis in de regen (Fair in the rain). It’s a psychological thriller in which a small-time crook robs a car, killing the owner in the process. He then tries to bump off the only witness to the event. Actors Guido de Moor, Ko van Dijk and André van den Heuvel play the lead parts. Brusse’s directive skill were praised: he had managed to tone down Van Dijk’s irrepressibly exuberant acting style.


Paul Flanagan has served an eight-year sentence for his part in a robbery. He has been released, unexpectedly, and renews his contact with his girl friend, Cathy, and his half-brother, Peter Babel, both of whom deserted him in his time of need. Paul Flanagan's aim is to find out the whereabouts of the money from the robbery, which his half-brother has hidden away somewhere, for fear of discovery.