South America

João en het mes

The first feature by documentarist George Sluizer is a suspense story blending racial overtones and strong dramatic action.

Filmed in the heartland of Brazil, it conveys much of the prejudiced social position and the subservient role of women in the isolated groups of that immense country. The cast is exclusively made up of Brazilian actors. Joffre Soares plays João, an older cowherd and hunter who marries Maria, a young, shy and beautiful girl, who because of her marriage vows, is condemned to remain with João even though they are unable to conceive children.

Twee jongens en een oude auto

Children’s film about two boys who a travelling around in South America in a battered old car.

Two Dutch boys find themselves in the middle of a revolution in an unspecified South American country. When the local population is threatened by a killer disease, the two boys set out to find a cure in the jungle. The film was shot entirely on location in Limburg.