De wolf in de schaapskooi

During his summer holiday, an artist falls in love with a Dutch girl. He finds in one of the local fishermen a serious rival, and, when opportunity offers, does not scruple to get him into serious trouble. But the artist reckons without a third party, who not only clears the innocent fisherman, but shows the artist in his true colours.


Documentary about the inhabitants of Volendam.

Shots of Volendam, Urk, Spakenburg, and Marken were very popular in the early years of film. These villages had much to offer filmically, including their special traditional costumes, picturesque houses, and a charming fishing harbour. In an age where romance and strong traditions were still very much alive, towns like this stirred the imagination. In this film, the Volendammers get a chance to show what they can do.

De trekschuit

Poetic feature about the last Dutch horse-drawn barge making a journey through the landscape of Holland with its mills and canals. A man is leading the horse along the tow-path.