Ce qu'on voit

On Tuesday, 22nd June 1915, newspapers in The Hague published a humorous news item about a lady whose elegant high-heeled shoe got stuck between the rails of the steam-tram from The Hague to Scheveningen. Despite all her efforts, she could not pull the heel out of the rails. The tram had to stop and a crowd gathered. When a policeman arrived, he ordered the lady to remove her shoe. She refused. Resolutely, the policeman knelt down and unbuttoned the shoe. The lady withdrew her foot and revealed... a stocking full of holes.


Documentary about the city of Utrecht. This film is dedicated to Mayor Reiger, who had a great deal of influence on the development of Utrecht at the turn of the century. The opening shot is an aerial view of downtown, filmed from the hundred-metre-high Domtoren. Considerable attention is paid to the Domtoren, the Domkerk, the nearby university, and the most important canals. From a boat in the canal, the filmmaker depicts the shipyard basements and the low-lying quays. Many passers-by pose for the camera. Footage is also shot from a moving tram.