Vacantie kinderfeest

Report about the holiday party for Groningen schoolchildren, held on the moors near Rolde, on July 19 1923.

Accompanied by a band, a group of Groningen schoolchildren head for the train station, and then travel to Rolde in Drenthe, where they will spend the day on the moor. In Drenthe, the children play in the sand, and act out a boxing match between the champions Battling Siki and Georges Carpentier. At the end of the day, everyone returns contentedly to Groningen.

Leger- en vlootfilm

Propaganda Film About the Dutch Military.

Holland neutraal (Neutral Holland) is this film’s subtitle, which was meant to show that the Dutch armed forces are very much prepared to guarantee the Netherlands’ neutrality in World War One. The more than 2.5-hour film was made by Willy Mullens in 1917, when other Western European armies had become numbed after three long years in the trenches. The footage in the Army and Navy Film depicts a relatively high-spirited mood, considering how the Dutch military had mobilized but not actually participated in the war.