Installatie burgemeester van Schiedam

Reportage about the inauguration of the Mayor of Schiedam.

Several men wearing hats, including the new Mayor, are driven in an open carriage to Schiedam’s town hall. The audience curiously looks on and follows the procession. At the city hall, they step out of the carriage and walk into the building, amid great public interest. The reportage ends with a shot of the men in a sun lounge. They pose for the camera.

Feestelijkheden ter gelegenheid der installatie van den burgemeester M. van Hout te Helmond

Reportage about the festivities to mark the inauguration of Mayor M. van Hout in Helmond, on July 29, 1913.

 This film opens with the arrival of Mayor Van Hout at the station in Helmond, where he makes a speech. He is then taken by carriage to the town hall. The reportage also contains footage of the public on the square – many children look into the camera – as well as the brass band in the bandstand, and the decorated streets.