Zaken zijn zaken

Maurice Hardacre is attending a ball in New York together with his fiancée Marion when he is summoned to the death-bed of his father. Maurice finds that he is now penniless. When she hears this, Marion, at the instigation of her mercenary mother, breaks off the engagement. Maurice goes to England and appeals for work to his wealthy uncle Jasper Hardacre, the owner of a ship-building yard. The young man is given a job as clerk in his uncle's office.


Margareet Barker loves Steven Wilmott, a medical student and her father's protégé. Before Mr Barker dies of heart-failure, he makes Steven promise to take care of his penniless daughter.

Kee en Janus naar Parijs

Kee has been a widow for seven years when she meets the jolly butcher Meiblom, who wins her heart because, like her first husband, his name is Janus. After some time she tells her daughter and son that she intends to marry for a second time. The wedding party is attended by Rinus, Hein, Gerrit and all their other friends from the Jordaan, the working-class quarter of Amsterdam.


Henry Wilmore, the "lord of the manor", recalls his son Lennard from Holland to marry Helen Plugenet, an heiress, in order to save the family fortunes.