fire brigades

Spuit elf

Comedy about a village idiot who becomes an enthusiastic fireman.

When fire breaks out, Draes, the village idiot, knows what to do. He turns a chicken coop into a watchtower and even manages to cobble together a fire extinguisher. He is on guard day and night and the villagers are laughing at him behind his back. Then a pyromaniac embarks on a series of fires and at last Draes can show the village what is he is worth.


Documentary about the city of Utrecht. This film is dedicated to Mayor Reiger, who had a great deal of influence on the development of Utrecht at the turn of the century. The opening shot is an aerial view of downtown, filmed from the hundred-metre-high Domtoren. Considerable attention is paid to the Domtoren, the Domkerk, the nearby university, and the most important canals. From a boat in the canal, the filmmaker depicts the shipyard basements and the low-lying quays. Many passers-by pose for the camera. Footage is also shot from a moving tram.

Geweldige brand te Zandvoort

Reportage about a fire in Zandvoort.

On August 5, 1921, the grillroom ‘Le Bright’ and the circus building 'Palais d'Ete’ in Zandvoort burned to the ground. The reportage contains footage of the fire, and of the Zandvoort fire brigade’s efforts to extinguish it, using only two fire hoses.