Koninklijk bezoek Groningen

Working footage of a royal visit to Groningen.

In 1922, Queen Wilhelmina, Prince Henry and Princess Juliana visited Groningen. Filmmaker Willy Mullens shot diverse footage of the event, showing the royal family riding through the city, attending church services, and visiting a gathering on an athletic field. Mullens also filmed a blind girl offering flowers to the Queen.

The filmmaker himself – with camera in hand – also briefly appears in the frame.


Compilation film about Heerenveen.

Compilation of a few short items about the city of Heerenveen. The items were probably assembled in subsequent years by a distributor or exhibitor. We see:

• Footage of the carnival in Heerenveen. Much attention is paid to the assembled audience, who at the end of the item are invited to visit the Witte Bioscoop in Heerenveen. This film was presumably produced by this cinema. Local films like this one were often produced during the early years of film.

• Harness races in Heerenveen, and the horse market in Oudeschoot on Whit Monday.