Wim van der Linden

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Wim van der Linden was a television producer, filmmaker and photographer. He worked with Wim T. Schippers in the 1960s for VPRO television. The 2.5-minute-long film Tulips was the first in a planned series of 'sad movies', but he was mainly known as one of the brains behind the controversial programme Hoepla in the 1960s and the shows revolving around the imaginary characters of Fred Haché, Barend Servet and Sjef van Oekel, which he made in the 1907s with Gied Jaspars, Ruud van Hemert and Wim T. Schippers. In 1966, Van der Linden was the cameraman for De minder gelukkige terugkeer van Joszef Katús naar het land van Rembrandt, the feature film debut of Pim de la Parra and Wim Verstappen. Jan de Bont and Frans Bromet, who would later become filmmakers themselves, acted as his camera assistants.

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