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Samuel Meyering was a Dutch filmmaker and entrepreneur.

Meyering, who was named Kees Meyering at birth, made the film De 1,2,3 rhapsodie with Frans Bromet, Rem Koolhaas, Jan de Bont and René Daalder at the Film Academy. Working on his own, he made the short films Total loss, Ice cream soda and Latsi in training (1973). Each of these three express the spirit of the times, with a plot that revolves around some sort of disruption. In 1975, Meyering made the feature film Rufus, an adaptation of Anton Quintana's novel Het kille ontwaken.

Meyering was a jack-of-all-trades: he also designed furniture and as early as the mid-1970s he was already working with computers. He conceived the instant storage success called the 'Rolykit' and after selling the rights he had enough seed money to go into the field of information technology. He founded a software company called Paralax, which he ran until he passed away in 2006.


  1. 1975
    Director, Script writer

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