Noud Heerkens

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Noud Heerkens briefly studied philosophy and architecture, and since the late 1970s he has made films, as well as film and video installations. His first films show an affinity with the work of filmmakers from the Hague School, but his films quickly took on their own style, one in which the interplay with theatre and dance is evident. Architecture also plays an important and sometimes dominant role. Recurring themes are loneliness and the ‘postmodern’ man.

In 1993, Heerkens founded his own company, the Stichting Picos de Europa. One of Picos’ most notable projects has been the Cineboards: these are video screens in public space that allow film and video makers to present their work. In 2009, he released his long feature film Last Conversation.

As a lecturer, Heerkens worked at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht, and now teaches at the Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten in The Hague. He lives and works in Rotterdam.


  1. 1978
    Camera, Director, Editing, Producer
  2. 1979
    Camera, Director, Editing, Producer
  3. 1979
    Camera, Director, Editing, Producer
  4. 1981
    Actor, Camera, Director, Editing, Producer
  5. 1984
  6. 1988
    Director, Producer
  7. 1993
    Director, Editing, Producer
  8. 1995
    Director, Producer
  9. 1996
    Camera, Director, Producer
  10. 1999
    Director, Editing, Script writer
  11. 1999
    Director, Producer, Script writer

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