Frans Dupont

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Frans Dupont was one of the young filmmakers who gathered around the Filmliga and Studio Joris Ivens at the beginning of the 1930s. Along with Willem Bon, he was one of the leading forces behind the Filmtechnische Leergang (FTL), which was an educational course inspired by the Filmliga.

Beginning at that time, Dupont also made his own films, mostly for his own Studio Dupont, which he founded in 1935 in Blaricum. Dupont made many of his films in collaboration with his wife Dientje Stevens.

After the war, Dupont formed part of the Nederlandse Werkgemeenschap voor Filmproductie (Dutch Workgroup for Film Production) and directed films including Bezet gebied, which was one of the first post-war feature films. After the NWF ceased to exist, Dupont made several documentaries for Multifilm. Dupont was also a lecturer in editing at the Nederlandse Filmacademie (Dutch Film Academy).


  1. 1933
    Animation, Director, Producer
  2. 1934
  3. 1946
    Director, Editing, Script writer

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