Digna Sinke

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Digna Sinke is a Dutch filmmaker and producer. She studied at the Film Academy in Amsterdam, where she graduated in 1972 with the short film Groeten uit Zonnemaire. Since then she has made documentaries, varying from the short diptych Stadrand to the long-term project Tiengemeten 2001-2006. She has also made several long feature films, including Belle van Zuylen, Madame de Charrière and Atlantis. After the death of her partner René Scholten, she continued to run his film production company Studio Nieuwe Gronden under the name of SNG Film. By doing so, she was the producer of David Lammers' Veere and Jan Bosdriesz' Zwarte ogen, among other films.


  1. 1973
  2. 1975

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