Daniel Louis Uyttenboogaart

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Daniel Louis Uyttenboogaart graduated from the University of Amsterdam in 1896 with a doctorate in law. He then began working for the city of Amsterdam’s Public Works Department. In 1898, he became the general manager of the freight storage company Nederlandsche Veem.

In late 1898, he also took charge of the newly created Nederlandsche Biograaf & Mutoscope Maatschappij. He continued to lead this company until mid-1900, after which he no longer worked in the film world.

Uyttenboogaart went to Suriname to monitor the commercial interests of the gold industry. After returning to the Netherlands, Uyttenboogaart became the general manager of the Graanelevatormaatschappij  (GEM). In 1928, he left the GEM to devote himself to entomology. Together with his wife Ellen Dagmar Eliasen, he established the Uyttenboogaart Eliasen Foundation to promote entomological science.

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