Claudia Kölgen

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Claudia Kölgen is visual artist, photographer, and filmmaker of German origin, and who has lived in the Netherlands since the 1980s. After having studied graphic arts in Krefeld and Mainz, she came to Amsterdam in 1983 to study at the Rijksacademie.

Although the focus of her work is on photography, Kölgen has also made a number of films. In her films, Kölgen focuses on the relationship between image and sound. Both are used as autonomous elements juxtaposed against each other, and the complexity of sound and image is shown in the layering of the images and the soundtrack. Examples of this method include Ricercar and Wende.


  1. 1981
  2. 1982
  3. 1984
    Camera, Director, Editing, Producer
  4. 1984
    Director, Editing, Producer
  5. 1985
    Director, Editing, Producer
  6. 1990
    Director, Editing
  7. 1994
    Camera, Director, Editing, Producer

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