In extremo


The central element in this film is formed by the preparation for and execution of a performance. The performance, a parachute jump, is carried out by an artist (Perrenet) and his girlfriend during the opening of an exhibition. As spectators to the performance, which takes place in the artist’s studio, an art dealer and several friends have been invited. The art dealer enters first, followed by Armand, who looks at some paintings made by Zwartjes; they spout the usual ‘gallery nonsense’. The art dealer appears most interested in the girlfriend. ‘My latest creation’ is how Amand introduces her. The guests who arrive thereafter are introduced in short, independent sections. One of these sections resembles an art programme on television. In the other sections, relationship problems play the key role. In the meantime, the performance continues. Armand and Lisa put on a parachute-like harness and walk very slowly towards the jump site, as if in a procession, accompanied by spacey music and pre-recorded instructions. After the last continuity scene, the camera suddenly cuts back to the studio, where Armand and Lisa have crashed.


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