Alberts Frères Amsterdam


Under the name Alberts Frères, Albert and Willy Mullens were active from 1899 onwards as exhibitors and producers. They parted ways in 1911. Albert became the general manager of the Amsterdam theatre Grand Théâtre and was still occasionally involved with film, under the name Alberts Frères Amsterdam, to distinguish him from the old name Alberts Frères, which Willy continued to use.

For Alberts Frères Amsterdam, Albert Mullens produced two short feature films: De misdaad in het Vondelpark and Het vogeltje.

An advertisement that came out during the First World War indicates that Albert Mullens also rented out films under the name 'Nederlandsche Film Fabriek'. It is unclear whether this was another name for Alberts Frères Amsterdam – which seems the most probable explanation – or whether it was a new company.


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  1. 1912
    Original distributor, Production company
  2. 1912
    Original distributor, Production company
  3. 1913
    Production company
  4. 1913
    Production company
  5. 1913
    Production company
  6. 1915
    Production company
  7. 1918
    Production company
  8. 1918
    Production company
  9. 1919
    Production company
  10. 1920
    Production company
  11. 1920
    Production company

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